Reasons to buy Pre-owned Jewellery: Affordability – our Pre-owned jewellery tends to be priced at around half the retail value, making it a definite for anyone looking for incredible value for money. Wider choice of designs – Pre-owned items have such a vast range of designs, from pearl brooches to antique diamond rings there is so many different options to suit every design. Resale value – most brand new items tend to be subject to a slight depreciation of value, as you have already purchased pre-owned we will guarantee to sell it for you in the future for the same amount you have paid. Eco-friendly - Fewer gemstones and precious metals to be mined equals less pollution in the air, soil and water and more intact wildlife habitats..

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14ct Rose Gold Fancy Link Bracelet
Here we have a gorgeous fancy link bracelet set in 14ct rose Gold. The design consists of 3 rings interlocking with one another to create this delicate yet stunning piece. The length is approx 8.5" with each link at 5 mm width. A lobster clasp is used as closure for the bracelet. The jump ring attached to the clasp is hallmarked 585 indicating it to be 14ct Gold. Will make a lovely present and will arrive in a gift box. Weight: 7.3 grams   £300 ..
£300.00 £250.00
Ex Tax: £208.33
14ct Yellow Gold Multistone CZ Necklace
Introducing this stylish 14ct yellow Gold multi stone CZ necklace. The heart shaped pendant comes supplied with an 18" Gold box chain. The beautiful design is well crafted using 3 different coloured CZ'S on the face on the heart. This item would make an ideal gift to a loved one. The clasp is hallmarked '14CT'. The pendant size is 18mm x 17mm excl bail.  Weight: 5.3 grams ..
£325.00 £250.00
Ex Tax: £208.33
14ct Yellow Gold Red Stone Cufflinks
Here we have a gorgeous pair of Gold cuff links set with a deep red coloured stone. They are hallmarked 14ct and are in good condition. The Emerald cut stones are approx 11 x 10 mm in size and have an open work setting which allows light to pass through to the stone adding shine and colour. The cuff links are also hallmarked S.A.H which are the makers initials. Will arrive in a luxurious gift box. Weight: 8.2 grams   £395 ..
£395.00 £325.00
Ex Tax: £270.83
14ct Yellow Gold Scuba Diver Charm Pendant
This 14ct yellow Gold charm has lots of character!. This fellow is very well defined, with small details and excellent craftsmanship combining to create a truly high quality keepsake. The scuba diver is hallmarked on the oxygen tank on his back 'BAHAMAS 14K'. The charm weighs 3.5g and the dimensions are 3cm x 1cm.  A unique charm pendant that will make a lovely gift for someone maybe working in the field or a fan of scuba diving or a collector or charms. Will arrive in a gift box. Dimens..
£95.00 £90.00
Ex Tax: £75.00
18ct Gold Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring
This beautiful three-stone Tourmaline ring has a wonderful colour, the gemstone have a vibrant depth that you don't get from an Emerald or a Peridot. The ring has a full British hallmark indicating that it was made in 1973. It is currently a size Q but any good jeweller will be able to re-size it. The total weight of the ring is 5.5 grams, so it is not a flimsy or lightweight piece, it will be perfectly fine to wear every day. Size: Q  Weight: 5.5 grams   £400 ..
£400.00 £350.00
Ex Tax: £291.67
18ct Gold Ruby & Diamond Snake Ring
This elegant double snake ring is set with two stones: Diamonds and a bright red Ruby. Since ancient times, the snake has been a symbol of birth and regeneration - and good and evil. In 1840 Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria, offering her a serpent ring with an emerald set in the head. This created quite a storm amongst jewellery makers of the time, and snake rings of all kinds became fantastically popular.  2 x old cut sparkling Diamonds Oval Ruby Ring size: R Weight: 7.0 gram..
£950.00 £895.00
Ex Tax: £745.83
18ct White Gold 0.25ct Diamond Necklace
Introducing this stunning single drop Diamond necklace set in 18ct white Gold. The gorgeous design showcases a 0.25ct brilliant cut Diamond set on a solid pendant mount. The pendant measures 3 x 1 cm and 3 - 4 mm in thickness. The clarity is approx Vs2, colour G. The stone sparkles beautifully against the white Gold setting and appears bigger due to this. The rear side of the pendant is hallmarked indicating it to be 18ct Gold. The same applies on the end fitment on the chain. The chain used is ..
£600.00 £500.00
Ex Tax: £416.67
18ct White Gold Diamond & Tourmaline Ring
Introducing this unique & stylish gents ring set in 18ct white Gold. The design is truly breathtaking and features an oval Tourmaline surrounded with princess cut Diamonds and also on the shoulders. The racing colour green Tourmaline is 8 x 6 mm in size held together via 4 claws. The square centre setting holds 16 sparkling princess cut Diamonds approximately VS2 - Si1 with E-F colour. The stones are approx 0.03pts each with the 12 Diamond shoulders (6 on either side) approx 0.01pts bringing..
£850.00 £650.00
Ex Tax: £541.67
18ct White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Cocktail Ring`
Introducing this gorgeous cocktail ring featuring Diamonds & Sapphires. The cluster ring is set on an 18ct white Gold mount with a total of 19 Sapphires & 6 Diamonds. The 12 outer Sapphire's are approx 0.05pt each with the inner Sapph's at 0.03pt each. They are all brilliant cuts. The Diamonds are 8 cuts and approximately 0.03pt each. The centre gemstone is held together securely via 12 claws and roughly 0.20pt (3.8mm).  This beautiful piece will fit a UK size: N 1/2 with the opt..
£895.00 £700.00
Ex Tax: £583.33
18ct Yellow Gold 0.45ct Old Cut Diamond Ring
Introducing this stylish old cut Diamond ring set on an 18ct yellow Gold mount. 5 sparkling Diamonds make up the face of the ring and are approximately 0.09pt's each. 4 claws hold together each Diamond to keep them secure.  The ring will fit UK size: N and weighs 3.5 grams. This elegant ring will arrive in a lovely gift box and would make an ideal present! ..
£425.00 £395.00
Ex Tax: £329.17
18ct Yellow Gold Opal & Diamond Ring
Introducing this gorgeous vintage 18ct yellow Gold Opal & Diamond cluster ring. This ring features a stylish patterned mount and an oval Opal gemstone approx 2.54ct (10 x 8). 14 claws hold together the Opalite. A halo of 14 sparkling brilliant cut Diamonds surround the centre stone. Each Diamond is approx 0.03 with a total carat weight of 0.42pt. The weight is 6.6 grams.    £1100 ..
£1,100.00 £795.00
Ex Tax: £662.50
18ct Yellow Gold Sapphire & Diamond Ring (1899)
Circa 1890s, we are proud to introduce this vintage Victorian ring set in 18ct yellow Gold featuring old cut Sapphire's & Diamonds. The ring is hallmarked on the inside of the setting indicating the Gold quality to be of 18ct. A gorgeous ring that is ideal for antique collectors. Will arrive in a gift box. The weight is 2.5 grams and is a ring size of: 'R'. ..
£420.00 £339.00
Ex Tax: £282.50
1920s 15ct Yellow Gold Thimble
A beautiful 1920's 15ct yellow Gold Thimble. The item is supplied with the original box. Length approx. 23mm Width approx. 17mm Weight. 6.4 grams ..
£295.00 £250.00
Ex Tax: £208.33
3x 18ct Yellow, White & Rose Gold Stacking Wedding Bands
A trio of 18ct Gold rings that can be stacked, or worn individually. The rings come in three colours, Yellow, Rose & White. Each ring is 2mm thick and all 3 combined weigh 10.5 grams. They are sized 'M'. Recently polished and would make a lovely gift. Will arrive in a gift box. ..
£595.00 £495.00
Ex Tax: £412.50
9ct Gold 1.3ct Diamond Cluster Ring
Introducing this gorgeous 9ct Gold Diamond cluster ring. The ring is set with a white Gold collet and yellow Gold shank featuring 25 brilliant cut diamonds totalling 1.30ct. The ring will make a wonderful Christmas present to a loved one! Will arrive in a luxurious gift box. Size: N (Please make a note on order form or phone us if you would like us to re-size) Weight: 6.2 grams   £995 ..
£995.00 £950.00
Ex Tax: £791.67
9ct Rose Gold 1920's Amethyst Solitaire Ring
Here we have an Art Deco 9ct rose Gold Amethyst solitaire ring. The gorgeous mount is very unique and leads up to a 10 x 8mm Emerald cut purple Amethyst. Circa 1920's, the hallmark is worn but we can verify the metal to be 9ct Gold.  A lovely Art Deco ring with lots of personality. Be sure not to miss out! Ring Size: I 1/2 Weight: 3.3 grams   £250 ..
£250.00 £195.00
Ex Tax: £162.50
9ct Rose Gold Old Cut Diamond & Sapphire Ring
Introducing this gorgeous vintage ring set in 9ct rose Gold featuring Diamonds & Sapphires. The stylish design compromises of flat back rose cut Diamonds and Princess cut Sapph's with an oval centre. The centre gemstone is approx 6.5 x 4.5mm with four 1.5mm Princess cut Sapphire's either side. The hexagon shape is then set with Diamonds above and below the Sapphire's. A total of 16 Diamonds are used with 4-5 claws on each to secure their position. The blue, white and rose Gold colours reflec..
£650.00 £495.00
Ex Tax: £412.50
9ct Rose Gold T Bar Albert Chain
Proud to present this vintage Albert T-bar necklace. Set in 9ct rose Gold and hallmarked 375 every link. The T-bar is able to move freely up and down the curb chain which features 93 graduating links which increase and decrease in size from the T Bar to the clasp. A wonderful piece that is would be ideal for a collector of vintage items.  End to end measures approx: 17" T-Bar: 1.5" Weight: 32 grams   £850 ..
£850.00 £795.00
Ex Tax: £662.50
9ct White Gold Heavy Trilogy Diamond Ring
Introducing this stylish and solid handmade gents 3 stone Diamond ring. The heavy band is 3mm thick and is set in 9ct white Gold. The centre brilliant cut Diamond sparkles beautifully and is accompanied with 2 trilliant cut Diamonds either side of it. The centre stone is approx 0.33ct. All 3 Diamonds are roughly 1ct in total. This ring is made for ring size 'Q'. The inner band is hallmarked but has faded slightly. The ring overall is in good condition with very light marks.  The weight i..
£1,050.00 £900.00
Ex Tax: £750.00
9ct Yellow Gold Amethyst & Seed Pearl Necklace
We are proud to introduce this elegant Amethyst & seed Pearl pendant set on an 18" Gold chain. The pendant is hallmarked 9ct on the bail and compromises of a circular disc design with 4 outer Amethyst stones and Pearls mounted on. A droplet then occurs in the centre with a seed Pearl & slightly larger Amethyst freely movable. The centre Amethyst is apporx 6.2mm with the remaining stones roughly 4.4mm. The seed Pearls are approx 2.0mm each. The dimensions of the pendant excl bail is 26mm ..
£300.00 £250.00
Ex Tax: £208.33