Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of prosperity and love. This luxurious jewellery collection has been sought after by Stanley James, and to own a piece of Diamond jewellery is an accomplishment in its own right. A pair of Diamond stud white Gold earrings will effortlessly complement any outfit. A Diamond pendant gifted on a 50th wedding anniversary is the perfect way to recognise and celebrate decades of love and commitment. If you're looking at buying a piece of Diamond jewellery online, you should always look at the 4 C's - colour, cut, clarity and carat. A brilliant Diamond will always shine through - whether it is in a tennis bracelet, necklace or engagement ring. Each piece of Diamond jewellery has its own style. If you want to go for a classic Diamond bangle, or go against tradition with a pair of sapphire and Diamond gemstone earrings, we'll have the perfect pieces for you here or in our Gemstone section. Whether you want to go with rose gold or platinum, there are many variations to choose from. 
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